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This is a list of roles in the FBC.

Role Occupied by
Director of the Federal Bureau of Control Theodore Ash, Sr., Broderick Northmoor , Zachariah Trench and Jesse Faden
Head of Research Theodore Ash, Jr., Casper Darling and Emily Pope
Head of Security Lin Salvador and Simon Arish
Head of Operations Helen Marshall
Head of Communications Alberto Tommasi
Head of the Department of Public Knowledge and Diversions William S. Powers
Head of Investigations William Kirklund and Remy Denis
Panopticon Supervisor Frederick Langston
Janitor Ahti
Deputy Chief of Communications Howard J. Murray
Ranger Andy, Cho, Guy, Hazzard, Kevin Horowitz, Ollie, O'Neill, Remus, Steve, Thomson and Rupert Wells
Ranger First Class Coleman
Ranger Second Class Randall Polaski
Ranger Sergeant Hooton
Ranger Captain Lopez and Ramsay
Trooper Second Class Coppack
Trooper Captain Willett
Secretary Barbara Martin
Dead Letters Archive Head Archivist Penny Bartwell
Custodian Carol Bishop, Bill Everett
Agent Frank Breaker, Jonathan Conner, Caroline Dempsey, Fischer, Grayson, Guthrie, Hardy, L. Heinz, Hewitt, Lindsey Malcolm, Charles Murray, Graham Potts, Rowley and Derek Shah
Field Agent Estevez
Junior Agent Phillip Philson
Special Agent Patricia Lewis and Tim Spalder
Special Agent, External Investigator Lisa Keenum
Supervisory Agent Samuel Turnbull
Vice Chief of Staff J. Bozer
Black Rock Quarry worker David and Linda
Containment Process Designer Jeanne Gibbs
Astralnaut Mark Gibson
Astralnaut First Class Paul Warren
Special Investigator David Gleeson
Synchronicity Department Chief Jerrod Gronson
Parapsychology Department Chief Bethany Harrington
Parakinesiology Department Chief Abraham Lewis
America Overnight producer Karen Harris
Researcher Paula Bronte, Lorenzo Dunne and Hepstonstall
Senior Researcher Raya Underhill and Carla Vaughn
Research Specialist Hubert Tan
Investigative Researcher Ezra Cruz
Operations Assistant David Lindquist
Chief Excavation Engineer Lewis McNairy
Threshold Safety Inspector Malcolm Milosz
Coroner Suvi Patton
Lead Researcher of Parakinesiology Department Edna Pierse
Special Consultant Robert Ricardo
Physician Frank Rosen
Senior Cartographer Marcus Talbot
Foundation surveyor Tom
Investigations evidence processor Tom
Security Chief Hank Wilder