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What the fuck?!

Jesse Faden[1]

Former is an extradimensional being originating from the Astral Plane, implied to be a former member of the Board. Former possesses the power to control the nature of Altered Items and, by extension, is able to bestow paranatural abilities similar to those granted by binding Objects of Power.


Former is a massive, serpentine entity with a single glowing eye, and large, spider-like legs protruding from its head. Former's full size is unknown, though it is significantly larger than Jesse. When Former appears to Jesse in the Astral Plane, it doesn't appear to be within the same space in which she communicates with the Board; when the Former appears, the background of the Astral Plane assumes a dim gray rather than the familiar pure white.

As its name suggests, Former is heavily implied to be previously a member or constituent of the Board. Emily Pope suggests that Former is either proof that the Board is a group of linked consciousness, or that the Board is a single entity and underwent a form of "corporal exile" when banishing Former. After Former's first appearance, the Board describes it to Jesse as a "dissent," urging her not to listen to it, and asserting that Former is building an opposition to the Board. Like the Board, Former is capable of communicating to Jesse, but is far less accustomed to speaking in a language she can understand, with Jesse ultimately able to make out only a few words at a time.

Former demonstrates the ability to seize control over Altered Items in the same manner as the Board, and when Jesse interacts with these Altered Items, she is relocated to Former's region of the Astral Plane.

In The Foundation, Former tells Jesse that it was "blamed" by the Board for something, which was the reason for its separation from the Board. In an effort to gain her trust, Former assists Jesse in handling the situation in the Foundation by providing her with the latter half of the Shape ability, in direct opposition to the wishes of the Board, and potentially by sending the Id to help her in the final fight against Helen Marshall.

After the final mission of the Foundation DLC, Former can be seen as a shadowy figure between the pillars of the Foundation before vanishing, possibly suggesting that it escaped the Astral Plane during the DLC's events.

Related Achievements/Trophies

Icon Name Description Gamer Score Trophy
Astral Phenomena.png Astral Phenomena Defeat Former 30 Silver


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  1. Remark made by Jesse Faden on the Astral Plane when she sees the Former for the first time during Fridge Duty.

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