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The Foundation is a sector and a location in the Oldest House.


The Foundation is located through a massive corridor located in the Restricted Area in the Maintenance Sector. The outer regions of the Foundation consist of a vast room with large gray pillars, a cluster of which are rooted on a huge square platform. One of the pillars on this platform bears a carving of a tree which can be used to translocate to the Foundation's main area.

The main area of the Foundation consists of various caves and rock formations surrounding The Nail. The central cavern where The Nail is found, called the Crossroads, is open to the pillar chamber. The white stone and bluish crystals of the caves defies analysis, as with the black stone that The Nail is composed of, but the red sand was determined by early Federal Bureau of Control explorers to be nothing more than iron oxide, or rust. There is no organic life in the Foundation due to low-level radiation emitted by The Nail, but Astral Copies, Astral Mimics, and Astral Spikes that emerged from the Astral Plane wander the sector.

Due to the damage caused to The Nail by Helen Marshall during the Hiss invasion, the Astral Plane permanently leaked into the Foundation. Jesse Faden restored The Nail, which stopped the Astral Plane from further bleeding into the real world, but could not reverse the damage that was already done.


Maintenance Sector Areas

  • Restricted Area
    • Nowhere (cable car passage)
      • Foundation (portal to cave near Research Site Gamma)

Foundation Sector Areas

  • Astral Collision
  • Base Camp
  • Canyon Rim
  • Cave Bleed
  • Cave System
  • Chasm
  • Collapsed Department (Processes & Protocols Offices)
    • Data Entry And Filing
    • Evaluation Hall
    • Morgue (inaccessible)
    • Sector Lobby C
    • Transit Access
    • Transit Control
  • Crossroads
  • Deep Cavern
  • Fractured Cavern
  • Lower Crossroads
  • Nowhere (Maneki-neko chamber)
  • Research Site Delta
  • Research Site Gamma
  • Upper Warehouse
  • Warehouse
  • Warehouse Path


Foundation Sector Map


  • Given that Control was strongly inspired by the SCP Foundation, the "Foundation" may be a reference to this. Just as the Oldest House grew from the roots of the Foundation, so to did Control itself grow from the roots of the (SCP) Foundation.

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