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Jumble grand. Up and loose and heavy treats sandwich.

–Fra, Multimedia: Fra Interrogation

Fra, officially known as Prisoner 11-C and referred to in-game as the Prisoner, is a paranatural entity that can be found contained in a cell in the Fra Mauro AWE area of the Investigations Sector.



Fra was the primary subject of the Fra Mauro AWE event which occurred during the Apollo 14 lunar mission; the entity is believed by the Federal Bureau of Control to have infiltrated the mission while it was on the moon, manipulating the memories of the mission personnel to pass itself off as a fourth member of the team. It then was able to reach Earth by riding the Apollo 14 lander back to Earth. After arriving at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, the Bureau was notified of Fra's existence by NASA personnel, and the entity was taken to the Oldest House and placed in its Investigations Sector for study.[1]

Due to the entity's incomprehensibility and relative cooperativeness with Bureau personnel, it was eventually placed in a cell in the Investigations Sector's Fra Mauro AWE area under order of Head of Investigations William Kirklund sometime before 2017, and has remained there ever since with no complaint or animosity except towards Kirklund's removal of the spacesuit helmet which made up its head. David Gleeson and other Bureau investigators also regarded the entity as a joke.[2]

The entity's exterior physical form consists entirely of an Extravehicular Mobility Unit spacesuit identical to the ones used by NASA astronauts on the Apollo 14 mission. It is noted that the suit shows signs of minor damage, presumably due to the lander's lack of a fourth seat for the entity to strap down into during its return to Earth. Despite this, the entity does not need the suit to survive; the inside of the suit is hollow and pieces can be removed without harming the entity, although it becomes aggravated when this happens. X-ray scans of the suit's interior also revealed unspecified outlines (redacted to the reader) inside the suit. Bureau researchers hypothesize that the suit was shapeshifted or materialized into existence by the entity.[3]

The entity clearly understands English and can speak, though it has a poor grasp of the English vocabulary and its sentences are mostly scrambled and incomprehensible, making meaningful communication mostly impossible. Nevertheless, the entity still accurately uses certain words (such as "hello," "head," and "lady,") and its sentences can still be somewhat understood through context. Notably, Fra refers to William Kirklund as the "Chief gerbil" and the regular investigators (and/or humans) as "gerbils."


Though it is not directly seen, Fra can be heard inside its cell within the Investigations Sector's Fra Mauro AWE area after chasing Shaded Hartman out of the Fra Mauro AWE area during The Third Thing. If talked to, Jesse Faden can help it by recovering its missing head through the mission Gerbil Took the Top Head, over the course of which the entity will reveal how it came to be contained in its cell, and also express that it is content to stay there for the time being.[4]