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Just don't take too long clearing out the Hiss. My cat gets... separation anxiety.

–Frederick Langston

Frederick Langston is the Panopticon Supervisor at the Federal Bureau of Control. In charge of the Bureau's collection of Altered Items and Objects of Power, Langston uses rituals to keep the objects calm. When the Hiss invades the Oldest House, Langston has his hands full locating and recovering escaped Altered Items as the Hiss begins to corrupt them.


Frederick Langston joined the Federal Bureau of Control around 2004. Thanks to familial connections in the FBC, he was able to start out as a junior agent working in the Containment Sector. Not long into his new job, an unknown accident occurred in the Panopticon and killed most of Containment's management, and Langston instantly leaped up several rungs on the career ladder. After another ten years of diligent work, he was promoted to Panopticon Supervisor, a position he still held in October 2019 during the Hiss invasion. Even though Langston's position is on par with a department head, Director Zachariah Trench never invited him into his inner circle.

Langston is a self-professed fan of Alan Wake's work. When he heard that Emil Hartman had been brought in to the Investigations Sector, he attempted to visit Hartman to have his copy of The Creator's Dilemma signed. However, he was not aware that Hartman had become twisted by the Dark Presence and was thus detained and interrogated by FBC officials for attempting to contact a paranatural entity, although he was let off with just a warning and having his copy of the book confiscated. Langston can also be heard commenting on the imminent release of a film adaptation of Wake's novel The Sudden Stop.

After Director Jesse Faden kills Emil Hartman, permitting the Investigations Sector to be reopened once the Hiss invasion is fully contained, she offers Langston the vacant position of Head of Investigations. He declines, believing the role would be hazardous to his health and pointing out that other department heads tended to die on the job.