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Gerbil Took the Top Head is a side mission in the AWE expansion of Control. It becomes available after chasing Emil Hartman out of the Fra Mauro AWE area of the Investigations Sector during The Third Thing.


Mission start
Jesse speaks to a Bureau prisoner and agrees to help it find... something.
Mission end
After some confusion, Jesse returns the helmet to the Prisoner. It is very pleased to have its head back.


  • Speak with the voice on the cell intercom.
  • Find what the Prisoner wants.
  • Find the "head".
  • Defeat the Hiss enemy.
  • Bring the Prisoner its head.


After turning on the lights to defeat Hartman in the Fra Mauro AWE area, this mission will become available. Head to the cell located off to the side of the area (between the mobile labs) and use the intercom to speak with the cell's "Prisoner," Fra. While the conversation is mostly incomprehensible, one thing is clear: a "gerbil took the top head," and Fra wants it back. Jesse Faden will decide to appease the entity.

Look for the object Fra might be talking about in the Fra Mauro AWE area. There are five objects in total, three of which are in Mobile Lab 1 (a toilet paper roll, a bottle of liquor, and a stuffed monster toy) and two of which are in Mobile Lab 2 (a basketball and a snack platter.) They can only be brought to Fra one by one, though ultimately none of them are the "head" that the entity is missing.

Jesse will then realize that Fra may be talking about an actual head. Travel to the Sector Head Office. Upon entering the area, Ranger Sergeant Hooton - a Hiss Ranger - will spawn inside the elevated room and begin attacking. After defeating Hooton, pick up the spacesuit helmet inside the room and return to Fra.

Deposit the helmet into Fra's cell and speak with the entity again, who will be noticeably overjoyed. After a short conversation, the mission will complete.

Note that it is possible to "sequence break" by immediately going to the Sector Head Office and collecting the spacesuit helmet, which will simply skip the first portion of the mission and lead to completion of the mission as normal.