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We've never seen anything like it. We've built a container for it, we've brought it in. This changes everything! It's beyond our understanding. We have brought so many questions with us, through that hole in the wall. I will dedicate... I'm never going home!

Casper Darling, FBC Presentation 26.3

Hedron was a paranatural entity which was discovered in Slidescape-36 by the Federal Bureau of Control.


Hedron was a large, polyhedron-shaped living entity with a grayish exterior. Casper Darling described it as having considerable mass. According to Darling, its physical shape was not the entire entity, merely the part of it perceptible to humans. Darling and the FBC determined it to be a living organism.

According to Darling, Hedron was a "catalyst," but not the source, of the Polaris resonance in Slidescape-36. Hedron possessed intelligence and was capable of communicating through its resonance. Darling described Hedron's resonance as "benign," and he was convinced that the entity sought to protect him and the Bureau from the Hiss.



The origins of the Hedron are unknown. The organism existed in Slidescape-36 and acted as a powerful receptacle or conduit for the resonance of Polaris, another paranatural entity. Jesse and Dylan Faden encountered Hedron during their explorations of Slidescape-36, and it was later discovered by the Federal Bureau of Control.

Though they shared resonance, Hedron and Polaris appear to have been separate entities. It is unknown where Polaris herself came from, or whether she originated from Hedron or merely used it as a host for her resonance. Jesse speculated that Hedron either placed Polaris in her, or that Polaris was somehow already within Jesse and Hedron caused Polaris to awaken.

Discovery and relocation

After the recovery of the Slide Projector Object of Power from Ordinary, Casper Darling and Zachariah Trench orchestrated several expeditions into the only remaining dimension accessible, Slidescape-36, and ultimately discovered Hedron. Hedron quickly became a subject of fascination for Darling due to its unprecedented resonance frequencies, and he arranged for the entity to be relocated to the Oldest House and contained there for further study. Darling believed Hedron to be the most significant discovery in Bureau history, and devoted much of his time to understanding it. Gradually, this devolved into an obsession, and Darling began exposing himself more to Hedron's resonance, overcome by "compulsions" and "seeing things." He came to believe that Hedron was communicating with him, and that its resonance relayed not only knowledge, but protection.

Through Hedron, Darling learned of what he believed was an imminent threat, a hostile resonance which the Bureau would soon be exposed to. Growing increasingly paranoid, Darling arranged for the construction of Hedron Resonance Amplifiers (HRAs) and their mandatory use by all Bureau personnel; these HRAs would enable Hedron's resonance to protect the agents from the hostile resonance. Unbeknownst to Darling, Trench had also been exposed to a resonance in Slidescape-36, that of the Hiss, the very hostile resonance which Darling feared would invade the Bureau. Trench, oppositely to Darling, believed that Hedron was the real threat and that it had corrupted Darling and everyone else wearing an HRA, intending to take over the Bureau.

Hiss invasion

In order to stop the perceived threat of Hedron, Trench used one of the burned slides from Ordinary to open a doorway for the Hiss with the Slide Projector. The Hiss subsequently invaded and corrupted most of the Bureau, with the exception of those wearing HRAs, who were protected by Hedron's resonance as per Darling's plans. Darling protected Hedron's chamber with a large-scale HRA, locking himself inside with it. After this, Darling's fate is unknown; in his final recorded message, he described that he would be "blown away," presumably by Hedron, and left to a different plane of reality.

Polaris communicated with Jesse Faden throughout the Hiss invasion, summoning her to Hedron's chamber and ordering her to destroy the large-scale HRA. The Hiss subsequently destroyed the Hedron, though Jesse was able to become the new source of Polaris's resonance, thus keeping the Bureau safe and the HRAs active.


  • Casper Darling named Hedron based on its shape. This may be drawn from "polyhedron" - a three-dimensional solid shape with flat polygonal faces, straight edges and sharp corners.

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