Congratulations on your appointment, Director Faden. I'm Helen Marshall, Head of Bureau Operations. Zachariah's dead then, and I assume you found his gun.

–Helen Marshall

Helen Marshall was the Head of Operations for the Federal Bureau of Control and a former member of Zachariah Trench's management team. Once a CIA agent, she was responsible for overseeing various specialist teams that dealt with paranatural phenomena. During the events of the Hiss invasion, she and her team traveled to the Research Sector in order to secure production of HRAs. She was separated from her allies, and Jesse Faden was tasked with locating her.

After Jesse finds her, Marshall says she has another important matter to attend to, and leaves. However, Jesse and others such as Emily and Arish notice that she never returned. Though a handful of FBC agents and documents mention she spends a lot of time in Black Rock Quarry, she is nowhere to be seen.

The Foundation DLC[edit | edit source]

A short time after the Hiss invasion, Jesse receives a message from the Board on the Hotline urging her to travel into the Foundation to stop a new threat to the Bureau. There, Jesse is surprised to hear a new voice on the Hotline: Marshall. Worried that hearing her voice on the Hotline may indicate she met with a terrible fate, Jesse sets out to find her while repairing the Nail for the Board.

Seemingly steps behind her, Jesse pursues who she believes to be Marshall through the Foundation, all while receiving more messages from her. Through her messages, Jesse learns that Marshall ventured to the Foundation after their meeting in Research in order to single-handedly defend it from the Hiss. She was touched to learn that Marshall trusted her to handle the Hiss in the Bureau alone while she defended the Nail in the Foundation. Jesse also learns of Marshall's doubts towards the Board. She doesn't believe the Board is as benevolent and concerned with Bureau as they say, and she suspects they were connected to Trench's demise somehow.

After repairing the Nail, Jesse is able to venture to its base only to find the Hiss standing in her way being led by a Hiss-corrupted Marshall. Aided by Former, Jesse is able to defeat Marshall and cleanse the Nail.

After Jesse cleanses the Nail, she finds one final message from Marshall revealing she was to one who destroyed the Nail. She knew the Hiss would come for it, and she also knew it was one of the ways the Board was connected to the Oldest House. In an effort to slow the Hiss and hinder the Board's control over the Bureau, Marshall used explosives to destroy the Nail and unwittingly caused the crisis in the Foundation. Shortly after, she saw her HRA had been damaged, perhaps by the explosion. With her work done, all Marshall could do then was wait for the inevitable.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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