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I'm guessing this isn't usually part of the course.

–Jesse Faden

The Home Safe (OOP22-KE) is an Object of Power contained by the Federal Bureau of Control in the Oldest House. When Jesse Faden binds to it in the side mission A Good Defense, it grands her the ability Shield.


The object is a "Guardhouse" brand home safe. Weight measurements vary.

When bound, the object allow parautilitarians to telekinetically gather items and debris from their surroundings.

The object is currently bound by Jesse Faden.


Discovered in the basement of a home in [REDACTED], Ohio, the object gained rapid interest in certain online forums dedicated to opening abandoned safes. After months of failure, the owner attempted to open it with explosives. The object survived with no physical damage. Bureau agents were dispatched, now confident of its paranatural nature.

Blood occasionally emerges from seam around the object's door. Test confirm the blood is not human. X-rays taken of the object indicate that something is trapped inside, thought the images are always blurred, which indicates the contents of the object are moving. All attempts to open the object have been unsuccessful.


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