It doesn't connect to any typical network. A direct line to the Astral Plane and The Board - and under the right conditions - to other planes of existence as well.

Casper Darling

The Hotline is an Object of Power that enables its wielder to communicate with The Board. It doesn't connect to any typical network, it is a direct secure line of communication with the Astral Plane and the Board, Casper Darling hypothesizes that under the right conditions the Hotline can connect to other planes of existence as well. Only the Director can safely answer it and what they hear is classified. If used by anyone other than the Director, the OoP will cause lethal harm to them. It enables Jesse Faden to speak with the presence of Zachariah Trench.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Object is a 1960s era red bakelite telephone, bearing an uncanny resemblance to the single-purpose hotline telephones of the Cold War Era.

The object spontaneously manifested in the Director's Office, placed on the desk. Director Northmoor was the first known Bureau agent to use it. In 1978, a Comms Department intern heard the Hotline ring and picked it up, going against every safety protocol in the manual. She never recovered, and the handful of witnesses required extensive memory repression therapy.

The object is currently bound to Jesse Faden.

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