Hotline: Control Points is one of the collectibles in Control.

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It took us a long time to learn how to stabilize the Control Points, the leylines, the meridians of the Oldest House.

Darling found a way to soothe this beast.

We discovered we must cleanse Control Points of all interference.

It’s my duty as the Director, like Northmoor before me.

I couldn’t manage it in my own house, at my home.

I’ll damn well do it here.

Without the Control Points, the Oldest House would swallow us alive.

We’d be sealed inside an endless labyrinth, and no one would hear our screams.

If an enemy ever managed to corrupt the Control Points, it’d be over fast, spreading like a cancer, leaping over the firebreaks like a crown fire.

They are the weak point.

Darling’s right about that.

He’s wrong about everything else.

Dangerously wrong.

Suspiciously wrong.

Has he been compromised?

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