Hotline: End of the World is one of the collectibles in Expansion 1: The Foundation.

Audio text Edit

Marshall: Edit

I snuck into the Foundation through a backdoor I know.

Had to get ahead of the Hiss. Just a matter of bypassing the ritual protections.

Luckily, the Board's as distracted as the rest of the Bureau.

I had to put on a brave face up there, but this situation is the worst I've ever seen.We're getting back on our feet, but we've already lost so much.

Trench is dead, Darling is... somewhere. I'm the only one left.

But I still have a job to do. Keep the Hiss back.

There's not enough HRAs to spare, so I'll have to make do with what I've got.

Frankly, I don't even know what will happen if the Hiss take the Nail.

Trench made it sound like it'd be the end of the world.

He was never one to exaggerate.

Well, orders are orders, even if they come from a dead man.

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