Hotline: Internal Lockdown is one of the collectibles in Control.

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So much is expected from the Director.

The responsibility.

The privilege.

To steer the Bureau into dangerous waters and safely out again.

To inspire and lead its people, to protect them.

The Board is there to advise you, but they want things in return.

You hold all this in your old, trembling hands.

I had to lose everything before I could see the Bureau is the Director’s life.

There’s no room for anything else.

If the forces contained here escaped, we'd be dragged back into an age of superstition.

Terror. Death... assuming you think we ever really left that behind.

Any emergency, any major containment breach, and the lockdown goes into effect.

I implemented this security measure in my first years as Director.

I knew we were vulnerable.

I’d personally seen the cost of sloppiness.

I made sure the internal lockdown could only be lifted by a Directorial Override, only to be used when the Director is confident the sectors are safe to be opened again.

This way, the Director is a last line of defense.

And if I screw up, it’s on me and me alone.

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