Hotline: Northmoor is one of the collectibles in Control.

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Northmoor was Director before me.

I never wanted his job.

I never wanted power.

I purposefully avoided it, didn’t trust it, didn’t want to rely on it.

Northmoor was all about power.

A man like an explosion, hungry for authority, for order, for more, until it was too much.

I had to find a solution in the end.

Contain the situation.

Northmoor never liked me, but he went along with it, to his credit.

He didn’t really have a choice.

I suppose, at the end of the day, a Director's most basic duty is to keep the lights on.

Here's to you, Northmoor.

There were no Prime Candidates waiting in the wings.

But I was there.

Had been the whole time, keeping my head down, working my ass off.

I had nothing to lose.

I picked up the gun almost on a dare.

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