Hotline: Prime Candidates is one of the collectibles in Control.

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After Northmoor stepped down, I doubled every effort to find new Prime Candidates.

There was no one.

No one but me.

That wasn’t good enough.

I pushed hard.

I never wanted the Bureau to end up in that situation again.

The Bureau needs a Director, always.

When my time reaches an end, I want more options on the table.

P1 through P5 were all false leads, dead ends and disappointments.

Then P6, Dylan Faden.

He fell into our arms.

No parents.

They’re gone, casualties of an AWE.

The boy has exceptional talent.

The Oldest House will be his home.

We’ll build him from the ground up.

He’ll be trained and taken care of.

Darling can be in charge of this project.

I can’t.

I’ll stay away.

I will not fail the boy like I failed my own family, my daughter and my wife.

We weren’t careful enough back then.

Something came home with me.

I took work home.

My Susanna got sick.

When I realized my mistake, I wanted to bring her here, for Darling to do what he could.

Kate flat out refused.

Civilian doctors treated our daughter, but they didn’t have a clue.

She died.

Kate left me.

Same old story.

That was a long time ago.

The Bureau is all I have now.

And the Prime Candidates are our future.

There are two.

P6 and P7.

We’re spoiled for choice.

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