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The Investigations Sector is a sector of the Oldest House.


The Investigations Sector was once the domain of the Federal Bureau of Control's Investigations Department, which conducted investigations of Altered World Events and paracriminals, and had oversight authority over all members of the FBC itself including the Director. The Head of Investigations was William Kirklund.

In 2017, Emil Hartman, who had been apprehended by the FBC and imprisoned in the Investigations Sector after he merged with the Dark Presence, inexplicably escaped containment after the FBC brought Alice Wake in for questioning in relation to the Bright Falls AWE, and rampaged across the sector. Kirklund and several other members of the department escaped to the sector lobby across the Firebreak and sealed off the sector's main area behind them, but dozens of FBC agents and huge volumes of important files were left behind. The trapped agents could be heard begging for the Firebreak doors to be opened until Hartman got to them. Director Zachariah Trench, by then already under the influence of The Hiss and upset with Kirklund's investigations into the Prime Candidate Program and his own erratic behavior, held Kirklund responsible for the incident.

The Investigations Department was left severely diminished, and had to make do with insufficient staff and resources. It was also forced to operate entirely in the cramped sector lobby despite making multiple requests to relocate to new offices, implied to be because Trench was intent on marginalizing Kirklund. Kirklund finally resigned from the FBC in 2019, and Chief Investigator Remy Denis was appointed interim department head.

The Hiss invasion in October 2019 also reached the Investigations Sector, further twisting Hartman. Director Jesse Faden ventured into the sector after receiving visions from Alan Wake and unsealed it, unaware of the lurking threat. Frederick Langston remotely helped her navigate the Investigations Sector to hunt Hartman down before he could reach the rest of the Oldest House.


  • Sector Head Office
  • Sealed Firebreak
    • Abandoned Offices
    • Operations Corridor
    • Operations Center
  • Active Investigations
    • Eagle Limited AWE Entrance
      • Utility Corridor
      • A/C Systems
      • Service Vents
      • Eagle Limited AWE
      • Shifted Passage
      • AWE Transit Bay
    • Fra Mauro AWE Entrance
      • Observation Deck
      • Lower Access
      • Shifted Offices
      • AWE Loading Bay
      • Loading Bay Vents
      • Fra Mauro AWE
      • Service Ducts
    • Bright Falls AWE


Investigations Sector Map

Hidden Locations

  1. In the Observation Deck, the elevator shaft to the left can be entered by removing all the debris blocking it with Launch. Dropping into the shaft will mark the hidden location as discovered, and a yellow supply crate can be found at the bottom. From the shaft, Emil Hartman will then appear outside and attempt to reach inside. He will then move away, and will not be encountered after entering the Transit Tunnel.
  2. Directly inside the entrance area of the Shifted Offices; look up to see a stairway which can be reached using Levitate and float up to either the stairs or the shifted alcove above it. There is a yellow supply crate in the corner of the alcove.


The transport hallway east of the junction in the southwest corner of the Eagle Limited AWE can be accessed by jumping out of a window in the utility corridor above. This area references the Movie Camera boss fight which takes place in Expansion 1: The Foundation: A train flatbed can be found along with a floodlight, which can be activated to illuminate the area in blue. There is a radio on the train flatbed which plays the music heard during the fight.