Fair warning: this is gonna be weirder than usual.

–Jesse Faden

Jesse Faden is the current Director of the Federal Bureau of Control. Seeking answers about her mysterious past, Jesse sought out the Federal Bureau of Control, a secret government agency tasked with investigating unexplainable phenomena. As Jesse arrived at the Bureau's headquarters, the Oldest House, it was suddenly invaded by a hostile force known only as the Hiss. In the chaos, Jesse was suddenly made the FBC's new Director after the previous Director's death, and tasked with fighting back against the Hiss and regaining control over the Oldest House.


Early Life Edit

See also: Ordinary AWE

Jesse Faden and her brother Dylan grew up in the town of Ordinary, Wisconsin and often played together along with other kids in the town. On August 30, 2002, the group discovered a Slide Projector (an Object of Power) in Ordinary's landfill which opened physical portals to other dimensions, which they began to explore. In one particular dimension - Slidescape-36 - Jesse and Dylan encountered the resonance of an extradimensional being which Jesse named Polaris.

Some time later, a group of bullies stole the Slide Projector and fell under the influence of a being known as the "Not-Mother," which turned the children into malignant beings. Jesse and Dylan survived the attack with the aid of Polaris, who aided them in closing the Projector, but the adults in the town did not believe them about the Slide Projector; Jesse implied that she resented the adults, and may have wished for them to disappear. The next day, every adult in the town of Ordinary vanished indefinitely.

The major disappearance caught the attention of the Federal Bureau of Control, who arrived in Ordinary to investigate the AWE. Jesse and Dylan showed Zachariah Trench and Casper Darling the Slide Projector, after which the Bureau, recognizing the Projector's nature as an Object of Power, proceeded to seize it from the children and kidnap Dylan. Jesse escaped her own kidnapping and attempted to burn the slides, each of which were completely destroyed save for Slide 36, which was recovered by the Bureau; And the partially burnt remains of another unnamed slide, which would be secreted away by Director Trench. Through the influence of the FBC, this event would be reported to be a tragic industrial accident, and its paranatural nature was subsequently overlooked. Jesse maintained an inconsistent telepathic link to Polaris throughout the years that followed.

Searching for Dylan Edit

Overcome with guilt over the failure to protect Dylan and his subsequent disappearance, Jesse spent the next seventeen years seeking him out, searching for any evidence of the mysterious organization that responded to the event in Ordinary. Throughout this period of her life, Jesse would be covertly monitored by Bureau agents interested in her noteworthy potential as a parautilitarian, which had inspired Director Trench to consider both her and Dylan as members of the Prime Candidate Program. This monitoring would take the form of psychiatric specialists working directly with the Bureau, as well as undercover agents monitoring her movements and actions throughout the country. The unconscious perception of this surveillance would exacerbate her developing anxiety and uncertainty of the truth to her experiences, ultimately leading to her admittance to a psychiatric facility in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Around the time of September of 2019, Polaris suddenly began to communicate with Jesse much more frequently than she had in the time since fleeing Ordinary, instructing her to travel across the country and arrive at a building in New York City by a specific deadline, to be involved in an unknown event of dire importance. Desperate to find answers about her brother and about the mysterious government agency, Jesse left Wyoming and spent the next month travelling across the nation towards New York. Once there, Polaris led Jesse to the obscured location of the Oldest House, where the events leading to her placement as Director of the FBC would take place.

Events of the Hiss invasion Edit

See Hiss invasion.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit


Jesse uses Shield to deflect enemy bullets

Jesse is presumably one of the most powerful parautilitarians in Bureau history, able to use powers far beyond what has been achieved in prior testing at the FBC. She is the only known Director that has been strong enough to use the teleportation ability of Control Points, leading researcher Emily Pope to comment that she was not even aware it was possible.

Jesse possesses a host of paranatural abilities, which she gains by binding to various Objects of Power.


OoP: Floppy Disk

Launch is a telekinetic ability which allows Jesse to levitate objects in her environment, and then throw them as projectiles at enemies. It is her most basic power, and the most iconic and broad ability used in Control. Launch can also be used to Jesse's benefit in the environment of the Oldest House, to move obstacles or open up new areas.


OoP: Home Safe

Shield allows Jesse to telekinetically rip objects from the environment, including concrete chunks from walls and floors, and use them as a makeshift barrier to block enemy attacks. If this ability is upgraded, Jesse can also launch these projectiles forward in a kinetic attack similar to Launch.


OoP: Merry-Go-Round Horse

With evade, Jesse utilizes her telekinetic powers to influence her own movement, moving rapidly for a short period of time. This allows her to dodge enemy attacks or move quickly through battle scenarios.


OoP: Service Weapon

This ability is a standard melee attack amplified with telekinesis, causing a blast that can knock over enemies. It can be used along with Evade for rapid and powerful melee attacks on enemies. If used along with Levitate, this ability allows Jesse to slam to the ground, knocking enemies back. This melee can be used to break down walls and open up new areas.


OoP: Benicoff TV

Levitate allows Jesse to telekinetically lift herself into the air, and drift across large areas. Jesse can control the height at which she levitates, and use any other ability while in the air as well. Levitation allows Jesse to access areas of the Oldest House that cannot be reached by foot, making it key for navigation across the building.


OoP: X-Ray Lightbox

Unlike Jesse's other abilities, Seize is telepathic in nature, and allows Jesse to take over the minds of her enemies. When an enemy is weak enough, Jesse can use Seize to temporarily turn them to her side, and have them fight against other enemies. The powers of these enemies can also have unique benefits; for example, if an enemy has the ability to heal other enemies, Seize will cause the former enemy to heal Jesse. Seizing the mind of an enemy combatant inevitably results in the target's death.

Shape Edit

Imparted directly to Jesse and the Service Weapon via the Astral Plane

Shape is an ability granting Jesse the manipulation of crystal formations in the Foundation. The ability consists of two distinct actions: Create, which allows Jesse to accelerate the growth of crystal deposits that can serve as platforms or pierce enemies; and Fracture, an enhancement to the Service Weapon that empowers its standard operation with the ability to shatter crystals, opening up new locations or causing enemies to fall to their death.


  • Jesse is portrayed by actress Courtney Hope, known for her role as the character Beth Wilder in Remedy Entertainment's previous title, Quantum Break.
  • Jesse's former hometown, Ordinary, appears to be a direct allusion to Remedy Entertainment's previous game Alan Wake's American Nightmare, in which a secret message can be found that reads "It will happen again, in another town, a town called Ordinary." Ordinary was also the subject of the Alan Wake ARG blog "This House of Dreams."
  • Jesse Faden's name continues the Remedy protagonists naming pattern of rhyming with the theme of their games; Faden rhymes with ''fade in." Remedy previously did this with Max "Payne" (Pain), Alan "Wake" (Awake) and Jack ''Joyce'' (Choice).


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