The following is a list of collectible items in Control in the order that they appear in the game's menu.

There's a total of 288 collectibles in the game. 287 not including the DLC.

Research & Records (Total 85)Edit

Hiss Research (Total 17)Edit

Reports (Total 30)Edit

Research (Total 38)Edit

Case Files (Total 64)Edit

Objects of Power (Total 10)Edit

Altered World Events (Total 14)Edit

Altered Items (Total 40)Edit

Correspondence (Total 62)Edit

Official (Total 27)Edit

Non-official (Total 25)Edit

Dead Letters (Total 10)Edit

Multimedia (Total 55)Edit

Interviews (Total 4)Edit

Darling Presentations (Total 21)Edit

FBC Recordings (Total 17)Edit

America Overnight (Total 4)Edit

Threshold Kids (Total 6)Edit

Music (Total 3)Edit

Hotline (Total 22)Edit

Trench (Total 12)Edit

Board (Total 10)Edit

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