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Icon Material Name Location ID
Astral blip.png
Astral Blip Research sector* CAT(2)-19275
Confiscated motive.png
Confiscated Motive Investigations Sector CAT(1)-12644
Corrupted sample.png
Corrupted Sample Mold (obtained in any sector from Mold Enemies) CAT(3)-72936
Entropic echo.png
Entropic Echo Containment sector* CAT(2)-29144
Hidden trend.png
Hidden Trend 'Alpha'

Very rare. Not found in crates.

A reward for defeating major hiss targets, found often in Bureau alerts bearing the name.

Also from specific enemies.

House memory.png
House Memory Executive sector* CAT(2)-62938
Intrusive pattern.png
Intrusive Pattern Research sector* CAT(1)-23950
Remote thought.png
Remote Thought Containment sector* CAT(1)-58592
Ritual impulse.png
Ritual Impulse Maintenance sector* CAT(1)-94721
Shaded facet.png
Shaded Facet Investigations Sector CAT(2)-92340
Shifting fragment.png
Shifting Fragment Foundation Sector* CAT(3)-82673
Threshold remnant.png
Threshold Remnant Maintenance sector* CAT(2)-92640
Undefined reading.png
Undefined Reading Executive sector* CAT(1)-37928
Untapped potential.png
Untapped Potential 'Delta'

Only as a reward for killing side mission bosses.


*from enemies, crates and 'Bureau alerts' anywhere in given sector

The exact uses for these materials is listed here, although it's missing some recipes, such as how 2 Shaded Facets can be used to substitute for all of the non-Source requirements in an Infinite formula.

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