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{{Altered_Item|title1=|image1=Letter.png|caption1=|type=|other_names=|designation=AI77-KE|acquisition_date=10/13/2014|containment_location=Panopticon – Floor 04, Unit 09|related_awes=}}
Discover how to grow your business with WhatsApp {{Altered_Item|title1=|image1=Letter.png|caption1=|type=|other_names=|designation=AI77-KE|acquisition_date=10/13/2014|containment_location=Panopticon – Floor 04, Unit 09|related_awes=}}
=== Containment Procedure: ===
=== Containment Procedure: ===

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Discover how to grow your business with WhatsApp

Containment Procedure:

Black Rock panelling suppresses the item's effect.


A stack of four envelopes, each containing a single page of paper. All four letters are illegible due to extreme water damage. The envelopes, curiously, do not show any sign of such damage and are covered in messages of love.

The item(s) are able to move short distances at a pace of less than [REDACTED] and always in a [REDACTED] direction. This is the first Altered Item to have multiple separate parts, a fact previously believed to be an impossibility by [REDACTED].


Item(s) was found in the Dead Letter Archives, where the Heard Archivist found it attempting to escape a filing cabinet. She reports having no record of the item(s) in her archive of letters.