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Multimedia: AI52 Testing is one of the collectible audio recordings in Control. In this recording, a Bureau agent performs several tests on the Rubber Duck Altered Item, with no favorable results.

Recording transcript[]

Altered Item Researcher:

Altered Item number 52-AE analysis, session two. I will begin by introducing various stimuli to the Item. First, a low-voltage electric shock.

[Low-voltage electric shock]

No response. Next I will introduce heat via a standard Bunsen burner.

[Burner ignites]

No response. Next, a series of solutions will be applied, each with a different value on the pH scale, from zero to 14.

[Solutions applied]

No response to any value. Next, I will attempt to communicate.

Can you understand me? Can you understand my words? Quack if you can understand my words.

No response. This concludes session two. Will need time to prepare further tests.

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