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Multimedia: America Overnight Ep. 382 is one of the collectible audio recordings in Expansion 1: The Foundation. In this final episode of the series, the show begins with a segment for opening fan mail but ultimately ends in a paranatural event within the studio itself.

Recording transcript[]

[America Overnight theme]

Radio Host:

You're listening to America Overnight, a beacon in the darkest recesses of possibility for more than 29 years. We have another letter from a listener. This one's unsigned but postmarked from Toledo.

It says: "Dear America Overnight: I have the most wonderful appliance for your listeners. It is a miracle of god. A fondue set. A fountain. A Blessed gift."

Blessed is spelled with a capital "B". Hmm.

"Go on, they write. "Dive on in. It is molten hot. Perfect for meat."

No signature. As far as I know, no fondue set was sent to us here at the studio. Just this letter. [No longer using a dramatic show tone] Wait... I think there's something else in the envelope. Some kind of black powder. With white shards in it..? Bone, maybe..? Karen, what is this? Karen?

[Host leaves his seat, goes to Karen's booth]

We're on the air, Karen. Where are you? What... what's this powder in the booth? Is this... is this ash? [Losing composure] Oh... Oh god. Karen..? How do I cut to commerc--

[Show ends abruptly]

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