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In presentation 18.1, Dr. Casper Darling explains the origins and uses for Black Rock.


Darling: "There are areas in the Oldest House where, under the right conditions, when the frequencies match, other dimensions leak in. We call these areas Thresholds. The Quarry is one of the more stable thresholds in the Maintenance Sector. That's where Black Rock comes from. Extra-dimensional matter. It has the unique property of blocking out a lot of frequencies. A good thing - it keeps things stable, contained. Think of it as paranatural lead. Our research involves many dangeorus things we absolutely need to keep in check. That's what the Black Rock-lined Firebreaks are about. The Panopticon container cells...

Emily Pope enters.

Pope: "Sorry to interrupt, sir, but I need the code for the Quarry elevator."

Darling: "Oh, Emily - the codes, Black Rock. 6-6-5. Neighbor of the beast. Get it?"

Pope: "Ha-ha."

Pope leaves.

Darling: (to camera operator) "We can do that again..."


  • The "neighbor of the beast" is a long-running gag in Remedy Entertainment video games, appearing in Max Payne 2 and Quantum Break.