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Multimedia: Furnace Research is one of the collectible audio recordings in Control. In this recording, Dr. Edna Pierse, lead researcher of the Parakinesiology Department, reports on her alleged findings that the Furnace in the Maintenance Sector is sentient, and potentially a code omega paranatural entity.

Recording transcript[]

[Furnace audible in background throughout]

Furnace Researcher:

My name is Dr. Pierse, lead researcher of the Parakinesiology Department. I believe that I've discovered a code omega paranatural entity residing within the Bureau itself. Right under our noses! Darling refused to allocate me the budget or resources, so... so I'm taking matters into my own hands. Let this recording be the proof I need to convince them!

[Becoming more emotional]

The Furnace... can speak! It-it has been talking to me for some time now. Listen.

[Unchanged noise from the Furnace]

Did you hear that? It's a sentient force, capable of communicating! I checked, an-and there's no record of, of ever installing this furnace. I believe that-

[Pause, no change]

-uh, oh sorry, what?


Yes, I can feed you. Uh, what do you eat?


I see. I-I'll try to find some volunteers.

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