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Multimedia- Jesse Therapy- Slide Projector (Interview)

A recording of a therapy session between Jesse Faden and her psychiatrist.


Jesse: "We used to play there all the time, me and Dylan, and other kids as well. We loved it. This time... I remember... was different. We found a way in, deeper into it, like it had shifted. We went inside, and that's where we found the Slide Projector."

Psychiatrist: "A dump is a place for lost things. Things that have been thrown away. Did you ever feel that way when you were growing up, Jesse?"

Jesse: "What? No... yes, but that has nothing to do with..."

Psychiatrist: "Was there a slide projector at your home, when you were small?"

Jesse: "No..."

Psychiatrist: "Those were before your time, I suppose. But your family did look at photos together, maybe, in one form or the other?"

Jesse: "Maybe..."

Psychiatrist: "Hmmm... when was this, can you remember? At parties, barbecues? How did it make you feel? Did your parents ever show you pictures that embarassed you? Was alcohol ever involved at these parties? Did your parents drink? Did that make you uncomfortable?"

Jesse: "No! That's just stupid. Come on! That has nothing to do with this, nothing. The Slide Projector..."

Psychiatrist: "Let me ask you this: as a child, did you ever fantasize about worlds inside pictures? Inside a painting? You know... stepping into a painting, into a hidden world, escaping and finding adventure there? Away from your parents?"

Jesse: "I don't... I don't think so, I don't remember. Maybe. I don't know."

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