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Multimedia: Log 2: Formation is one of the collectible audio recordings found in Expansion 1: The Foundation. It is part of a series of recordings made by Dr. Theodore Ash during his time investigating the Foundation. In this recording, Dr. Ash details the discovery of the Foundation itself, and of Director Northmoor's discovery of the Service Weapon.

Recording transcript[]

Dr. Theodore Ash:

It's been five days since we first entered the building. Traversing the interior is dangerous due to the shifting, but we did manage to find a lower cavern that seems structurally predictable- which is a scientific way of saying its walls won't crush us in our sleep.

Northmoor even made a discovery. A pistol, placed on a stone pedestal in front of that strange ebony pillar. Seems like something out of a storybook, except the heroes usually find swords, not handguns. But it is the perfect lure for someone like him.

Hours after finding this weapon, Northmoor cornered me to spout some nonsense about how the "Board" made him the Director. He ranted about the title being meaningless before now, calling Father and all the other previous directors shams, frauds, and worse. I think this place is worse for Northmoor than it is for me.

The strangest thing? There was no pedestal in front of that pillar a day ago. This building has swallowed a dozen of my men, and now it's handing out presents? Is it playing some sort of game? If it is, we're most certainly losing. Hell, we don't even know the rules.

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