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Control Log 4 The Id

Multimedia: Log 4: The Id is one of the collectible audio recordings found in Expansion 1: The Foundation. It is part of a series of recordings made by Dr. Theodore Ash during his time investigating the Foundation. In this recording, Ash provides an update on his research and details his discovery of a new creature, the Id.

Recording Transcript[]

Dr. Theodore Ash:

Forty-one days since Entry Day, the name of our "historic arrival" to the Oldest House. Morale is long dead and its corpse is starting to smell.

My research staff complain of a presence watching them. Many have suffered nervous fits. Some were evacuated.

In cheerier news, I've made some new friends. I met them while exploring the deeper caves. They're hard to describe, but image avant-garde sculptures of humans. I call them the Id.

They aren't hostile. In fact, they're polite and quiet, which is more than I can say for my colleagues. Most Id are shy, but a few are quite curious. While I sat taking notes, one came to look at my sketches. I offered it my pencil, but that spooked it.

What are the Id? Residents? Prisoners? They remind me of the golems from Kabbalistic texts, or a type of homunculi. I know I shouldn't, but I gave them names. There's Hercules, Adam, Lilith, and Copernicus. Mabel is the bravest. They're a funny bunch.

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