Multimedia: Mirror Debrief is one of the collectible audio recordings in Control. In this recording, a researcher working with the Victorian Mirror records a debrief report on Agent Hardy, who is exhibiting a strange speech alteration after spending three hours inside the mirrored world.

Recording transcript Edit

Mirror Researcher:

Debrief for Mirror Excursion 7-C. Subject is Agent Hardy. Hardy spent approximately... three hours in the Mirror, the longest time on record. Can you describe your experience inside, Agent Hardy?

[Hardy responds, but his voice is reversed and unintelligible]


Agent Hardy is physically healthy, all tests have come back clean. Yet the speech issue has persisted for hours.

[Hardy responds]


Calm down, agent. [To recording] It could be psychosomatic, but the fact that this only occurred after returning from the Mirror makes a paranatural explanation more likely. I recommend a battery of tests and a class-orange quarrantine.

Trivia Edit

  • A 100% speed reversal of this recording does in fact result in an identical recording to feirbeD rorriM with no loss of quality to Agent Hardy's voice and no changes to his message.

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