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Multimedia: Quarry Site Beta Log 2 is one of the collectible audio recordings in Control, added with the Expeditions update. In this recording, Captain Lopez warns anyone who finds it to get out of the area before they meet the same fate as her and her team.

Recording transcription[]

[Mic click, Hiss incantation heard throughout]

Captain Lopez:

They're all de-dead... These... things killed them all. There are so many. If you're listening... get out.

No! Stay the fuck away-

[Two gunshots, radio feedback, channel closes]


The file can be found in Quarry Site Beta (Expeditions). It is located in the Scrapeyard subarea (second gate from the right). Upon arrival head straight back to the bridge. Under the bridge to the right is a cave. Enter, and the recording will be on the ground by some tents.

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