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Multimedia: Research Sector is one of the collectible video recordings in Control.

In this presentation, Dr. Casper Darling introduces himself and the Research Sector, and explains the nature of the work performed there.


Darling: "Welcome to the Research Sector of the Federal Bureau of Control. I'm Dr. Casper Darling, Head of Research. Somebody thought this video would make for great internal communications - I'm looking at you, Mr. Tommasi. So... this is where the magic happens. Anyway, I've been here for 24 years now - I've always been here - and through those years, we've made astonishing discoveries, Authored studies of great importance. And in all this work, there is one thing we know, and that's how little we truly know. Rest assured, we're committed to keep pushing the known laws and borders of reality, and to make the Bureau proud. So, welcome! Assume you have the necessary clearance - and do follow the safety protocols, read the manual. Otherwise, bad things will happen."

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