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Multimedia: Salvador: Security Order is one of the collectible recordings in Control. In this statement to Bureau staff, Head of Security Lin Salvador talks about why he's chosen to relocate the Jukebox OoP.

Recording transcript[]

Lin Salvador:

This is Lin Salvador, Head of Bureau Security. I'm making a formal security order due to the incident in April, case number... [flips report pages] ...21-HQ-593. Improper use of the Jukebox Altered Item led to two fatalities. We believe a pair of agents used the Jukebox to travel to the Quarry Threshold and engage in... [disappointed pause, flat tone] inappropriate workplace behavior. An expedition team found them decomposing at the Formation's base a week later. At least we found out the Jukebox doesn't bring corpses back when the song ends. I'm having the Jukebox placed in a secure location in the Executive Sector. It should never have been accessible to low-clearance staff in the first place. The new location's security and proximity to a high-traffic area will prevent misuse, while still allowing for expedition teams to access it when required. See me for any further details.

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