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Multimedia: Tommasi: AWE Report is one of the collectible audio recordings in Expansion 1: The Foundation. In this recording, Head of Communications Alberto Tommasi gives a statement to another member of the Communications Department on how to proceed with misdirecting the media in regards to information about the Havana AWE.

Recording transcript[]

Alberto Tommasi:

Alright take this down. [Stressing details] "The situation in Cuba has been evaluated by the relevant authorities. The mysterious illness affecting the staff at the US Embassy in Havana was caused by sonic weaponry in the hands of a foreign power. Numerous personnel have damage to the inner ear, but most are expected to make a full recovery."

[No longer enunciating for the statement]

Of course, the event also damaged their cellular walls, but, we can't blame that on some stupid noise gun. [Laughs] Thank god no local doctors examined them first. Honestly, what were the odds an Altered Item would show up inside a US embassy? Talk about good luck, huh? [Laughs] So much easier to- [Pause, suddenly serious] Hey, are you still recording this!?

[recording device shuffles on tabletop, recording ends abruptly]

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