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Mä kyllä sanon perkele suoraan, että this house has a vermin problem, a bad one. They've already messed up the cooling pumps and the power generators of power plant, perkele. And the pensioner inside is starting to feel the band around his head tighten...


The NSC Power Plant, or NSC-02, is a location in the Oldest House's Maintenance Sector. It is the main power station for the entirety of the Oldest House, and allows the Federal Bureau of Control to operate completely independently of the New York City power grid. Most FBC agents are unaware of how the NSC Power Plant functions or what "NSC" means, and some believe it is a nuclear fusion reactor. There are two standing rules among Maintenance Sector staff concerning the NSC: always keep it below a certain temperature, and never open it.


NSC is an abbreviation of "Northmoor Sarcophagus Container", so named for its occupant: former FBC director Broderick Northmoor. When Northmoor was appointed director by The Board shortly after the discovery of the Oldest House and the Service Weapon in 1964, he also gained the paranatural ability to generate heat. In the final years of Northmoor's directorship, his ability had grown to such a prodigious degree that he had difficulty controlling it and risked endangering the FBC. He finally conceded to Zachariah Trench's demand that he relinquish the directorship and voluntarily entomb himself alive inside the specially-built NSC-01, which would keep him relatively comfortable, contain his power, and convert that power into electricity for the Oldest House. This was considered the most humane way to allow Northmoor to live out his days while continuing to serve the FBC, but his fate was covered up by the upper echelons of the FBC and kept secret from the rank and file agents.

At some point after NSC-01 began operation, Northmoor developed a new quirk of his ability that somehow caused the entire NSC to disappear. FBC agents managed to incapacitate Northmoor long enough to build a second unit, NSC-02, and Northmoor was restrained and re-contained inside the new unit. Unlike the original unit, NSC-02 was designed with built-in spatial anchors to prevent a repeat disappearance.

NSC-02 remains in operation as of the Hiss invasion of the Oldest House in October 2019. Several Hiss thralls managed to disrupt it briefly by sabotaging the coolant pumps and energy converters, nearly causing a catastrophic containment failure, but Director Jesse Faden restored both systems by following instructions from Ahti. Certain control panels and monitors found around the exterior of NSC-02 show that movement has recently been detected from its occupant, indicating that Northmoor is still alive inside.


NSC-01 can be found in the Quarry Threshold, visible in the distance from Quarry Site Beta during Expeditions.

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