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Neil looked like a dog... like a melted dog, but I knew it was him. Neil said a lot of times he didn’t like being a boy because Tom just beat him up. I think he liked being a dog,

Dylan Faden

Neil Hosenberg was a friend of Jesse and Dylan Faden in the town of Ordinary, Maine. He played a central role in the events of the Ordinary AWE.


Neil Hosenberg lived in the town of Ordinary and was a classmate of Jesse and Dylan Faden. He suffered from asthma, and as a result, he was a target of bullying by Tom Barlow and his gang, including Freddy Bartwell and Hugo, who called him "Nosebleed Neil." Because of this bullying, Neil would sometimes wish he was not a boy so that Tom could not beat him up.

On August 30, 2002, Jesse and Dylan discovered the Slide Projector Object of Power in Ordinary's landfill. Neil accompanied the siblings on many of their explorations of the slidescapes it led to. Neil became fond one particular dimension, which they named "Meadow," which caused the children to have dreams of things melting. Though Jesse disliked Meadow, Neil repeatedly went alone to the dump to enter Meadow. During one of these incidents, he was confronted and beaten up by Tom, who forced him to reveal the existence of the Slide Projector. Tom and his gang subsequently stole the Slide Projector. Jesse and Dylan were led to believe that Neil had been stranded in Meadow.

Neil did not reappear until much later in the Altered World Event, when Tom and his gang, corrupted into monstrous beings by the Not-Mother from the Temple dimension, pursued Jesse and Dylan after they stole back the Slide Projector. Neil appeared at this point to protect them, and was described by Dylan as having the appearance of a "melted dog." Dylan speculated that Neil was happy in this new form. After Polaris helped Jesse turn off the Slide Projector, Neil's whereabouts are unknown. The Federal Bureau of Control, in its records of the Ordinary AWE, describes him as "missing."

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