Benicoff TV

The Benicoff TV is an Object of Power contained by the FBC.

Objects of Power can cause or be results of AWEs - Altered World Events, intrusions upon the perceived reality.

Casper Darling

Objects of Power (OoPs) are a type of Altered Item connected to the Astral Plane. Unlike ordinary Altered Items, OoPs can be bound by parautilitarians, allowing them to wield their abilities through the Astral Plane. Objects of Power of are great importance to the Federal Bureau of Control, and many are contained within the Oldest House.

Nature Edit

Like ordinary Altered Items, Objects of Power are archetypal objects that have been acted upon by paranatural forces originating from other dimensions. The distinction between Objects of Power and Altered Items is somewhat ambiguous, but largely comes down to the connection OoPs share with the Astral Plane, and specifically the Board, an extradimensional entity of great significance to the FBC. This connection, whether intrinsic or imposed by the Board itself, enables parautilitarians - humans possessing powerful paranatural affinities - to "bind" to Objects of Power through Astral Plane rituals, gaining the powers innate in these objects in the process. Non-parautilitarians are usually killed if they attempt these rituals. This binding process seems to be facilitated entirely by the Board, furthering the implication that OoPs are distinguished by this connection; according to Bureau research, the Board evaluates who can and cannot enter the Astral Plane through Objects of Power.

OoPs appear to be markedly more powerful than ordinary Altered Items, and more volatile; however, they are also extremely useful to the Bureau for their application to parautilitarian abilities. For example, Jesse Faden, an extremely powerful parautilitarian, was able to make use of the powers of several escaped Objects of Power, aiding her greatly in combat and navigation and furthering her own connection to the Board. Objects of Power were also targeted by the Hiss during the Hiss invasion in 2019, likely as a means to attack the Board itself, as came to pass when the Hiss and Dylan Faden attempted to overrun the Black Pyramid through the Slide Projector Object of Power.

List of Objects of Power Edit

A total of 9 Objects of Power can be found in Control. The exact amount possessed by the FBC is not known, but exceeds 22.

Object ID Acquisition Date Containment Location
Service Weapon OOP1-KE 08/04/1964 n/a
Hotline OOP3-UE 08/09/1965 Hotline Chamber,

Executive Sector

Floppy Disk OOP5-KE 03/11/1974 [REDACTED]
Benicoff TV OOP7-KE 04/22/1979 Panopticon - Fortified Unit 716
Ashtray and Cigarette OOP11-KE 02/08/1989 [REDACTED]
Slide Projector OOP15-UE [REDACTED] [REDACTED]
Merry-Go-Round Horse OOP16-KE 06/14/1998 [REDACTED]
X-Ray Light Box OOP18-PE 09/01/2003 Parapsychology Department,

Research Sector

Home Safe OOP22-KE 11/28/2014 [REDACTED]


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