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The Oceanview Motel & Casino is a Place of Power connecting various dimensions. Discovered through an AWE which occurred in Butte, Montana in 1992, the Motel has many rooms leading to unknown locations, but visitors are only capable of returning to other areas of the Oldest House. The Motel operates on dream logic, behaving differently from ordinary reality. It always appears to be daylight outside whenever someone is traveling through the Motel, and it is impossible to enter it or leave it by any means other than the Light Switch Cord.

Despite its unusual characteristics, the Oceanview Motel may be a physical location in the world rather than a construct in the Astral Plane or a Threshold. After the Federal Bureau of Control discovered the Oceanview Motel in 1992, it started a program based on this assumption that involved sending agents to survey all motels across the United States to find the Oceanview, but this does not appear to have succeeded. During one of Jesse Faden's visits, a man can be heard outside the motel trying to get the attention of any employees inside before deciding the building is empty and telling his wife that they will find lodgings elsewhere.

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