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Ocelot's Anchor, or the Anchor, is an Altered Item contained by the Federal Bureau of Control in the Oldest House. It is involved in the Enemy Within mission, wherein it leads Jesse Faden to a fight with the Anchor.


The crew of the White Ocelot first encountered a strange spherical phenomenon while fishing in the [REDACTED]. Witnesses described it as "a black sphere with faint light behind it." It hovered just off the bow of the ship. The crew [REDACTED] by throwing a tin bucket, which disappeared into the sphere.

Soon after, the vessel lost structural integrity. The ship's metal rusted and fell apart within minutes. As the ship sank, the sphere lowered into the water. A passing fishing vessel called the [REDACTED] rescued the four surviving crew.

Agents were dispatched to the White Ocelot's last known coordinates ([REDACTED]) and began diving operations. On the ocean floor, the agents found the sphere. The ship was entirely destroyed except for its anchor. As agents lifted the anchor off the ocean floor, they noticed the sphere behaved in conjunction with the anchor, moving and stopping as one.

Contact with the sphere was avoided, but handling the anchor proved harmless. The item was transported by the [REDACTED] to the US port of [REDACTED]. Upon arriving in New York, it was brought into the Bureau via the [REDACTED].

Containment Procedure

Black Rock paneling successfully prevents manifestation of the sphere.

Description/Altered Effect

A Trotman-style anchor, made of iron with a wooden stock. Surface is rusted in some places. Weighs 3789 lbs.

The item generates a persistent blank sphere, the purpose of which is currently unknown. This sphere is always generated at a precise point in relation to the item, specifically [REDACTED] horizontal feet and [REDACTED] vertical feet from the [REDACTED] of the anchor.


4/25/1983 - [REDACTED], Ranger First Class was dropped into the sphere wearing a diving suit with dedicated oxygen line at [REDACTED] am EXT. After ten minutes and thirteen seconds inside the sphere, [REDACTED]'s oxygen line was cut at the sphere's border by an unseen force. All agents in the room during [REDACTED]'s entry into the sphere experienced vomiting, vertigo, and loss of fingernails within an hour of one another. Ranger [REDACTED] has been declared MIA, presumed dead.


Related achievements-trophies

Icon Name Description Gamer Score Trophy
Living Archetypes.png Living Archetypes Defeat the Anchor 15 PS4:Bronze Xbox: 50 Gamercoins