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Ordinary is a town in Maine where Jesse and Dylan Faden grew up and the site of the Ordinary AWE.


See Ordinary AWE

Persons Involved


  • Ordinary was heavily alluded to as a significant location in previous Remedy Entertainment games.
    • In the game Alan Wake's American Nightmare, the Old Gods of Asgard song "Balance Slays the Demon" contains a hidden message: "It will happen again, in another town, a town called Ordinary."
    • The Alan Wake ARG blog "This House of Dreams" documents the life of a woman named Samantha who lives in Ordinary, and experiences strange events. Samantha's blog is also mentioned in Control.
    • In Quantum Break, a Quantum Ripple will lead to a severe power outage in the town of Ordinary, resulting in a spike in violent crime (though Quantum Break's reference states that Ordinary is in Maine).
  • Prior to the release of Expansion 2: AWE, the Ordinary AWE documentation in Control stated that Ordinary was located in Wisconsin. However, this was later changed to Maine. As Quantum Break also stated that Ordinary is in Maine, the Wisconsin documentation is believed to be an error.
  • The FBC created a replica of Ordinary in the Ordinary AWE and the Ordinary Dump.
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