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Control has collectible outfits that can be accessed and equipped at the Central Executive Control Point once they are unlocked. Below is a list of all outfits and how to unlock them.


Default outfit unlocked at the start of the game.

Tactical Response[]

Unlocked as pre-order content for all versions of the game.

Astral Dive Suit[]

Unlocked as a pre-order exclusive for the PS4 version of the game.

Urban Response[]

Unlocked exclusively with the PlayStation 4 Digital Deluxe version of the game.

Janitor's Assistant[]

Unlocked by completing all of the What a Mess Side quests for Ahti. After completing the final Side Quest, What a Mess: Take a Break, It spawns in on the job board.

Asynchronous Suit[]

Unlocked by completing the Self-Reflection Side Quest. Outfit itself is found sitting on a mannequin within a newly broken viewing chamber in the Synchronicity main hall.

Director's Suit[]

Unlocked after beating the final Main Story Quest, Take Control.

Candidate P7[]

Can be found in a locker in the room labelled P7 in the Prime Candidate Program area of the Containment Sector.

Office Assistant[]

Unlocked after beating the final Main Story Quest, Take Control.

Golden Suit[]

Unlocked by completing the Luck & Probability Easter Egg/Puzzle.

Expedition Gear[]

Unlocked by completing the third tier expedition from the Jukebox.

Extradimensional Suit[]

Unlocked after completing all available scenarios in both SHÜM and SHÜM 2.