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I'm detecting an anomaly. Abnormal energy fluctuations from cell 715 on the Panopticon's upper level. It's escalating!

Emily Pope speaking to Jesse Faden, Control demo

The Panopticon is a location in the Containment Sector of the Oldest House. Founded by Zachariah Trench, it is the Federal Bureau of Control's repository for Altered Items and Objects of Power. The Panopticon has eight labeled floors with hundreds of cells known as crucibles where Altered Items are kept. It connects to the Firebreak, the Archives, Fortified Units, and the P6 Cell. The current Panopticon Supervisor is Frederick Langston.


In Control, Langston can sometimes comment that "Sudden Stop opens tonight. I can't believe I'm missing an Alex Casey movie for this." in reference to Alan Wake's final Alex Casey novel, The Sudden Stop.