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You called me, so here I am. I know I shut you out sometimes - I'm always glad to hear from you.

Jesse Faden speaking to Polaris

Polaris is an extradimensional resonance-based entity originating from Slidescape-36. Discovered by Jesse Faden during the Ordinary AWE, Polaris aided Jesse and her brother Dylan in turning off the Slide Projector, saving their lives in the process. Seventeen years later, Jesse remains in psychic contact with Polaris, who guides and protects her and is the primary source of her parautilitarian powers.


Polaris, like the Hiss, is a force composed seemingly entirely of resonance. Jesse refers to Polaris as a "she," and both Jesse and Dylan consider it to possess some form of intelligence or agency, with Jesse in particular considering her to be an ally and even perhaps a friend. Polaris is capable of spreading her resonance like the Hiss, purging the latter from paranatural objects and living things. It is unknown what specifically distinguishes the resonance of Polaris and the Hiss, though it is possible they share similar origins, being interdimensional, nonphysical entities. Certain individuals or entities can act as conduits or amplifiers of Polaris's resonance, including the Hedron and Jesse Faden.

Polaris's motives are unknown, though Jesse regards her as entirely benevolent and caring. Through the Hedron, Casper Darling came to view Polaris as benign, and designed the Hedron Resonance Amplifiers to spread her resonance as protection for the Bureau from the Hiss; thus, indirectly, Polaris is responsible for saving humanity from the Hiss (though this feat could be attributed to the Hedron, since it was the one to call for Jesse, and the specific conduit through which Polaris's resonance was redistributed to the Bureau). In spite of her benevolence, however, Polaris did not prevent the Bureau from kidnapping Dylan, nor did she lead Jesse to Dylan before the Hiss invasion, suggesting either a limitation of her powers or some ulterior motive. Dylan, under the influence of the Hiss, told Jesse that Polaris was using her and warned her not to trust her.

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