Research & Records: Leylines is one of the collectibles in Expansion 1: The Foundation.

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For all my research into the Oldest House’s leylines, I still don’t understand why they converge here, at the base of this pillar. I suppose the simplest reason is that they have to converge somewhere. Occam's Razor and all that. But that seems wrong. The esoteric world abhors coincidence.

So what is the true relationship between this pillar and the leylines? Does it act as a magnet, attracting them? Polar North? Or is the pillar a product of their focused energies? A sprout, nourished by the constant flow of the Oldest House’s power?

Perhaps classifying that power would provide some insight. However, we currently have no means of measuring or quantifying it. Given time, it may become possible to collect and even harness this energy.

On that note, Northmoor is bringing in the much-lauded Dr. Gustav Wagner from headquarters in DC. to “aid my research". I suppose this is his way of saying he doesn't trust me to work unsupervised. Let's just hope Dr. Wagner is as smart as his dearly departed Führer once believed him to be.

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