Research & Records: Ordinary AWE Stage 4.B is one of the collectibles in Control.

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"We went in and met [Polaris]... like a star. She told us we were special. She made us special. It felt like being born, or reborn, the world fading in for the first time. Familiar, but somehow different." -J.F. (therapy session, 2010)

"[Polaris] told us howto turn off the projector. The Dung Monkeys and the Not-Mother were coming straight at us. Dylan was crying. I turned it of and... they were gone. It was over. I took all the slides and burned them. All of them except "Hand". - J.F. - (therapy session, 2010)


Unconfirmed existence of paranatural entity, designation: "Polaris" (EID-19929).

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