Welcome to the Research Sector of the Federal Bureau of Control. I'm Dr. Casper Darling, Head of Research. This is where the magic happens.

Casper Darling

The Research Sector is a sector of the Oldest House. It is the location where the Federal Bureau of Control conducts research into a wide variety of paranatural phenomena under the direction of the Head of Research - most recently Dr. Casper Darling, and educational videos created by him can be found throughout Central Research (as well as other areas of the Oldest House) detailing information about the phenomena the Bureau studies.

Description[edit | edit source]

The main room of the Research Sector is multiple stories high, with a group of enormous trees in the center. Various rooms and divisions within the Research Sector are dedicated to researching different paranatural topics, including parapsychology, parakinesiology, dimensional sciences, and the Astral Plane.

Dr. Darling's Office[edit | edit source]

Dr. Casper Darling's unruly office is located on an upper floor of the Research Sector. Various papers there depict a mysterious hexagonal symbol seen in many places throughout the Oldest House. The Altered Item containment file for Arctic Queen is also located on a desk there.

Parapsychology Division[edit | edit source]

The Parapsychology Division is a section of the Research Sector that contains a variety of different subdivisions. The main segment of Parapsychology includes a number of contained Altered Items as well as a set of mysterious chairs with equipment and computers hooked up to them. Helen Marshall is located here during the initial events of the Hiss invasion.

Astral Exhibition[edit | edit source]

One section of Parapsychology is dedicated to research on the Astral Plane. This section includes a rough model of the topography of the Astral Plane as well as images and video of entities from within it. Outside of this section is a containment cell for an Astral Spike.

Hypnosis Lab[edit | edit source]

The Hypnosis Lab contains an unidentified Object of Power resembling some sort of medical x-ray. The Object possesses the Seize ability, and all nearby enemies are apparently entranced by it. Interacting with the Object sends Jesse to the Astral Plane, where she can bind with the Object and gain the Seize ability.

Active Threshold[edit | edit source]

In the basement of the Research Sector is an active Threshold, known as the Mold Threshold, which can be reached via a service elevator. Within the Threshold, a group of unknown, plant-like humanoid enemies will attack Jesse if she approaches.

Dimensional Research[edit | edit source]

The Dimensional Research area of the sector leads directly to a Firebreak that crosses into the Ashtray Maze , a mysterious, shifting "puzzle" whose design deviates from the Brutalist architecture of the rest of the Oldest House. It is possible, due to being located across a Firebreak, that Dimensional Research is in fact an entirely different sector from the Research Sector, but this is unconfirmed.

Acoustics Research Labs[edit | edit source]

Two Acoustics Research Labs can be found throughout the Research Sector. Both rooms appear to be anechoic chambers built for an unknown purpose, likely to study resonance.

Map[edit | edit source]

Research Sector Map.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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