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Welcome to the Research Sector of the Federal Bureau of Control. I'm Dr. Casper Darling, Head of Research. This is where the magic happens.

Casper Darling

The Research Sector is a sector of the Oldest House. It is the location where the Federal Bureau of Control conducts research into a wide variety of paranatural phenomena under the direction of the Head of Research - most recently Dr. Casper Darling, and educational videos created by him can be found throughout Central Research (as well as other areas of the Oldest House) detailing information about the phenomena the Bureau studies.


The main room of the Research Sector is multiple stories high, with a group of enormous trees in the center. Various rooms and divisions within the Research Sector are dedicated to researching different paranatural topics, including parapsychology, parakinesiology, dimensional sciences, and the Astral Plane.


Central Research

The central hub of the Research Sector, with the Sector Elevator and connections to Dimensional Research, Luck & Probability, Ritual Division, HRA Lab, and the Active Threshold.


Located on the lowest level of Central Research.

Dr. Darling's Office

Dr. Casper Darling's unruly office is located on an uppermost floor of Central Research. Various papers there depict a mysterious hexagonal symbol seen in many places throughout the Oldest House. The Altered Item containment file for Arctic Queen is also located on a desk there.



The Parapsychology Division is a section of the Research Sector that contains a variety of different subdivisions. An elevator connects it to an upper level of Central Research that leads to Luck & Probability.

Hypnosis Lab

The Hypnosis Lab contains the X-Ray Light Box Object of Power. The Object possesses the Seize ability, and all nearby enemies are apparently entranced by it. Interacting with the Object sends Jesse to the Astral Plane, where she can bind with the Object and gain the Seize ability.

Astral Exhibition

One section of Parapsychology is dedicated to research on the Astral Plane. This section includes a rough model of the topography of the Astral Plane as well as images and video of entities from within it. Outside of this section is a containment cell for an Astral Spike.

Extrasensory Lab

Active Threshold

In the basement of the Research Sector is an active Threshold, known as the Mold Threshold. Within the Threshold, a group of unknown, plant-like humanoid enemies will attack Jesse if she approaches.

The Pit

The central area of the Mold Threshold. It is normally accessed with a service elevator, but Jesse must first descend into The Pit and restore power to the elevator to use it.

Ritual Division

A large hall off of Central Research that connects to Luck & Probability, the Synchronicity Lab, and Protective Studies. Direct access from Central Research is blocked due the Hiss invasion, but it can still be reached by passing through Luck & Probability.

Luck & Probability

The Luck & Probability area is where Jesse first meets Helen Marshall. It connects Central Research to the Ritual Division.

Later, after Jesse obtains Clearance Level 5, she can return to Luck & Probability to complete an easter egg that rewards the Golden Suit Outfit and some mods. The easter egg involves several simple interactions:

  • In the office section:
    • Pick the four-leaf clover
    • Activate both Newton's crade desk toys
    • Activate the lucky cat statue
    • Flip the horseshoe until the open side of the "U" is facing upwards
    • Use Launch to pick up the golden fish statue and carry it into the experiment chamber
  • In the experiment chamber:
    • Place the four-leaf clover in the planter
    • Turn on all four desk lamps (they are all turned off when first entering the chamber)
    • Place the golden fish near the roulette table, but outside the red zone
    • Finally, spin the roulette wheel and back out of the red zone surrounding the roulette table before the wheel stops spinning, taking care to stand close to the golden fish
  • If all conditions have been met, when the roulette wheel stops the adjacent television set will display the number 7 and the rewards will be added to Jesse's inventory. If a procedure has been missed, the television will display the number 8 and cause strange things to happen, such as the fire sprinklers go off, stacks of papers in the office section will scatter, and a phone will ring.

Synchronicity Lab

An area where experiments are conducted to study the effects of synchronicity. Inside is the Mirror Testing chamber, which contains the Victorian Mirror Altered Item.

Protective Studies

An area where dangerous paranatural phenomena and Altered Items are studied. It connects to the HRA Lab.


The location Dr. Casper Darling's Hedron Resonance Amplifier research and production. A special door to Central Research can be unlocked from inside.

Ashtray Maze

The Ashtray Maze is separated from the rest of the Research Sector by a Firebreak on either side. Created by the Ashtray and Cigarette Object of Power, the Maze is an area of the Oldest House that constantly shifts. Only individuals bound to the Ashtray and Cigarette and those they designate may pass through, all others are redirected back to the start of the Maze.

Dimensional Research

The Dimensional Research area, on the other side of the Ashtray Maze, is where tests were conducted with the Slide Projector.

Slide Projector Research

Projector Room

Hedron Resonance Lab

Hedron Chamber

The Hedron Chamber within Dimensional Research is where the Hedron is contained. It is protected by a huge Hedron Resonance Amplifier, and is likely the single most secure part of the Oldest House that Jesse is able to access.


Research Sector Map.


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