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Resonance is the key. Vibration, frequencies, waveforms, fields we didn't know were there. Physics. These fields, in complex interaction, altering reality that comes to contact with them.

Casper Darling, Multimedia: Resonance

Resonance is a term used by the Federal Bureau of Control to refer to paranatural energies and their frequencies. Casper Darling believed resonance to be the key to understanding all paranatural phenomena.


The nature of resonance is not fully understood, but is a vital function in most if not all paranatural phenomena. According to Casper Darling, who studied resonance extensively, resonance originates from physical energy fields which exist outside of ordinary scientific understanding. The vibration, frequencies, and waveforms of these fields, in complex interaction with one another, alter reality that comes in contact with them, causing paranatural phenomena. The nature of this alteration appears to depend on the type of resonance present, and its frequency.

Resonance is present in a variety of paranatural phenomena, including Altered World Events, and these energies are responsible for the powers and abilities of Objects of Power and other paranatural items. Resonance also appears capable of possessing sentience, as is the case with Polaris and the Hiss, resonance-based paranatural entities. Theodore Ash, Jr. also noted that resonance "ley lines" exist throughout the Oldest House, converging on the Nail in the Foundation (which is connected to the Astral Plane). This implies that the Board, another paranatural entity, is also based on resonance.

Resonance is capable of relaying knowledge, protecting individuals, and granting human beings paranatural powers, as seen with Hedron and Polaris. It is also capable of corrupting human beings, taking over their minds and contorting their bodies, as seen with the Hiss. Resonance can influence and affect the shape of the Oldest House, and the FBC's Control Points - developed by Ash - are designed to control the resonance of the House to keep the building structurally predictable.

Resonance appears to be an inherent property of different dimensions, and when these resonance frequencies match, two separate dimensions may leak into one another. This occurs frequently in the Oldest House, but has also been observed elsewhere. When dimensions leak into one another, the FBC refers to these points of connection as Thresholds.

Like most paranatural forces, resonance appears to be affected by the human mind, gravitating toward the archetypes of the human collective unconscious. The nature of this connection is not fully understood.

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