Resonance is the key. Vibration, frequencies, waveforms, fields we didn't know were there. Physics. These fields, in complex interaction, altering reality that comes to contact with them.

Casper Darling

Resonance is a mysterious force studied by the Federal Bureau of Control. It is a property emerging from the complex interactions of fields, dimensions and waveforms, much of which was previously unobservable to research. Resonance is pervasive, and changes in resonance or certain resonances can change the nature of reality in a given area. Casper Darling, after discovering a resonance-based entity in Slidescape-36, theorized that resonance may be the key element in all altered phenomena (AWEs, Altered Items, Objects of Power), possibly sharing a common resonance that has yet to be discovered. When the resonance of multiple dimensions align, it results in the development of Thresholds, regions where the boundaries between these dimensions are softer, as well as Altered World Events, intrusions upon perceived reality.

Two overt manifestations of resonance have been seen thus far: Polaris (projecting through the Hedron and Jesse Faden) and the Hiss (projecting through Dylan Faden). Both appear to possess some measure of sentience, and are capable of altering the nature of reality as well as paranatural objects and phenomena. The Hiss appears to spread virally and corrupt or alter all that which it encounters, while Polaris is apparently more benign, aiding humanity and specifically Jesse Faden. The distinction between Polaris and the Hedron is ambiguous, but implicitly, Hedron was merely an entity which utilized Polaris's resonance for its own ends, much like how Jesse Faden is capable of controlling Polaris's resonance through her own agency, albeit only by proxy of Polaris herself.

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