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A chain letter? I remember these. Mom used to say they were "evil". Hm, better do what it says. You know, just in case. There must be a photocopier around here.

Jesse Faden

Return to Sender is a side mission in the AWE expansion of Control.


Mission start
Jesse finds a chain letter, which she decides to mail a few copies of. Just to be safe.
Mission end
She hunts down the Altered Item producing the chain letters and contains it.


  • Find a copy machine
  • Copy the chain letter
  • Mail a copy of the chain letter
    • Investigations / Utility Corridor
    • Investigations / Abandoned Offices
    • Investigations / Observation Deck
  • Return to the Shifted Offices
  • Cleanse the Altered Item


In the Shifted Offices, just before the AWE Loading Bay Control Point, Correspondence: Chain Letter can be found lying atop the mail tube station. Interact with it to start the mission; Jesse will remark about the letter but decide to play along with it "just in case." To do so, three copies of the letter must be mailed off.

Head to the Operations Center to find a photocopier in the area underneath the second floor office, and use it to print three copies of the chain letter. Afterwards, each copy must be mailed off at a separate mail tube station; one in the Utility Corridor, one in the Abandoned Offices, and one in the Observation Deck.

For the Utility Corridor, use the Turntable Control Point and enter the Utility Corridor. The mail tube station is located halfway into the corridor, just past the large room overlooking a transit hallway.

For the Abandoned Offices, use the Abandoned Offices Control Point and head left from the "Filing and Processing" sign, then use either of the two mail tube stations located there.

For the Observation Deck, the quickest way to the target is via the Transit Terminal Control Point. From the Control Point, Levitate up the elevator shaft initially used to enter the area and use any of the mail tube stations along the hallway.

After mailing all three copies, Jesse will wonder if she can trace the letter back to its source. Head back to the mail tube station in the Shifted Offices and track the path of the mail tubes into a newly-revealed space nearby (to the left of the mail station.) Within this area, an Altered Item is found in the form of a red-and-blue post box, corrupted by the Hiss. Cleanse the Altered Item to complete the mission.