Jesse performing a ritual of the Black Pyramid to reach the Wayfarer Inn

Rituals control the environment here. Dream logic is a requirement for survival.

Zachariah Trench, Control demo

Rituals are paranatural processes which control the environment of the Oldest House. They are based on relationships of meaning rather than causality, and can be used for many purposes. Certain rituals can affect the nature of Objects of Power or allow for instantaneous transport to other regions of the Oldest House. The Director of the Federal Bureau of Control is required to be trained in the nature and use of rituals.

Rituals seem to obey certain rules, though these rules and laws vary depending on the ritual in question. For example, a ritual leading to the Oceanview Motel & Casino obeys the Law of 4, and implicitly may have obeyed the Law of 3 at one time. At least some rituals are connected meaningfully to the Black Pyramid. Jesse Faden became the Director of the FBC via a ritual.


  • The concept of rituals in Control seems to be based on aspects of Jungian psychology, especially acausality/synchronicity, a concept in which events are related not by causality but rather by meaning. Sam Lake has stated that other elements of Jungian psychology, such are archetypes and collective unconscious, are used heavily to explain how the supernatural works in the world of Control. The mention of "dream logic" also ties in with Jung's analysis of dreams and their nature.
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