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The Rubber Duck is an Altered Item that was found by the FBC in January 02, 2001.


Item is a yellow rubber duck bath toy from the 1950s. A single hole at the bottom allows air and water to flow in and out. The item makes a sound analogous to quacking. The item travels considerable distances with surprising speed. How it achieves this motion is unknown. The item forms an unknown form of unknown purpose with anyone who makes direct physical contact with it and begins to follow them, quacking often. This has led to an researcher entering cardiac arrest, though due to the individual's health issues, the matter may not be connected to the item's effect.

Discovered in the home of an Agent after his young daughter complained of being followed by her rubber duck. According to the agent, the matter was ignored, believed to be the result of a child's imagination, until he began to hear the quacking at night. After discovering the item hiding in his daughter's closet, he brought it to the Bureau for study. It was discovered that the agent was bringing known paranatural materials into his home, illegally taking them outside the Oldest House. How this may have affected the creating of an Altered Item is being investigated. The agent has been terminated. Item on loan to the Research Sector for further study.

Containment Procedure[]

The following procedures for containment for the item in the Oldest House:

  • Direct contact with the item is not permitted. Safety gloves are required when handling.

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