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The Service Weapon is, of course, a prime example of an OOP - a VERY powerful one - ingrained in the Bureau's DNA. A key component in our Prime Candidate program. Come out of that Russian roulette a winner, and you... you're it.

Casper Darling, Multimedia: Objects of Power

The Service Weapon, also known as the Director's Gun, is an Object of Power belonging to the Federal Bureau of Control. It is the primary weapon Jesse wields throughout Control. Owning the Service Weapon makes the owner the Director of the FBC by definition, as The Board ordains through the gun the Bureau's leadership.[1]



The Service Weapon is an Object of Power tied to the Astral Plane, and only those chosen by the Board are considered worthy to wield it — those found to be unworthy are killed. To prove oneself worthy of becoming Director, the Service Weapon is held to one's head (much like one would in a game of Russian Roulette), and — if the individual does not meet the Board's approval — they are shot dead. Should the Board find the candidate in question worthy, however, said individual immediately becomes the Director of the FBC.[2]

The Service Weapon is a shapeshifting firearm that can assume a variety of different forms with different applications. It is also implied that it was not always a gun, and took the form of whatever the general collective subconscious would perceive as an appropriate personal weapon in a given historical era, such as a sword in the time before firearms. The FBC hypothesizes that previous wielders may have influenced the Service Weapon to manifest as weapons from myths and folklore, such as Mjölnir, Excalibur, and Varunastra.[3]

Jesse holding the Service Weapon in the form wielded by Director Trench, shortly before binding it to herself

Security Chief Simon Arish notes that he has seen images of the weapon in the form of a firearm prior to Jesse's binding to it, but that it appears to be different now than he remembers. This is because the Service Weapon had a unique, unnamed form resembling a snub nosed revolver when it was bound to the previous Director, Zachariah Trench. When Jesse was accepted by the Board and bound the Service Weapon to herself, the first form it took on for her was the Grip form.

Containment Procedure

The Service Weapon has no unique containment procedures as specified in its documentation.



The Service Weapon was discovered by the Bureau on August 4, 1964, shortly after the discovery of the Oldest House itself. While investigating the caverns below the House (later known as the Foundation,) Acting Director Broderick Northmoor became the first to encounter the Service Weapon, presented to him by the Board on a pedestal at the base of the Nail which had not been present during earlier examinations of the area. Through his binding of the Service Weapon, Northmoor became the first Board-ordained Director of the FBC, a status which greatly contributed to his hunger for power and control.[4]

Events of Control

The Service Weapon is the first Object of Power which Jesse Faden binds after entering the Oldest House, upon which she succeeds the very recently-deceased Zachariah Trench to become the Bureau's newest Director. The Service Weapon becomes Jesse's primary weapon in her fight against the Hiss and the other threats rampaging throughout the Oldest House.[5]


The following are known parautilitarians who have bound this object to themselves at some point:


The known forms of the Service Weapon include:

Grip.png Grip A standard sidearm form similar to a revolver. It has high accuracy and single-shot damage. This is the default form of the Service Weapon, and suitable for most encounters.
Shatter.png Shatter A form similar to a shotgun with a wide blast radius, but shorter effective range. Damage is calculated for each projectile, and mods can be applied to add projectiles and decrease the spread, giving this form a wide range of potential efficiency.
Spin.png Spin A rapid-fire form with lower accuracy and single shot damage, but a significantly higher rate of fire. Good for medium-range combat. Mods can increase the firing speed and grouping accuracy of shots, which in turn increase the amount of damage over time this form can cause.
Pierce.png Pierce A form that charges a powerful, single shot capable of destroying the architecture of the Oldest House and striking enemies through walls and behind cover. The initial charge and cooldown of this form cause it to be heavily reliant on user accuracy.
Charge.png Charge A form capable of charging up to three powerful rounds to be unleashed on a single point, causing explosive area of effect damage. The charged rounds are fired on the trigger's release, and each charge is charged to maximum before the next round begins to charge. The rounds are automatically fired after all three rounds are charged to max.
Surge.png Surge Note: This form is only available with the AWE expansion.
A form which can fire grenades which stick to enemies or surfaces before exploding. When aiming down the scope, Jesse is able to fire up to three grenades by pulling the trigger which will either automatically detonate after a few seconds or when Jesse presses the trigger again. Pulling the trigger while not aiming down the scope will manually detonate any placed grenades.



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