The Service Weapon is, of course, a prime example of an OOP - a VERY powerful one - ingrained in the Bureau's DNA. A key component in our Prime Candidate program. Come out of that Russian roulette a winner, and you... you're it.

Casper Darling

The Service Weapon, also known as the Director's Gun, is an Object of Power belonging to the Federal Bureau of Control. It is the primary weapon of the player character in Control. Owning the Service weapon by definition makes the owner the Director of the FBC, as the Board ordains through the gun the Bureau's leadership.


The Service Weapon is an Object of Power tied to the Astral Plane, and as a result, only those chosen by the Board are considered worthy to wield it; all others are merely killed by the gun. The individual chosen is considered immediately to be the Director. The ritual to prove oneself worthy involves holding the Service Weapon against one's head; if the individual fails the ritual, they are shot.

The Service Weapon is a shape-shifting firearm that can assume a variety of different forms with different applications. Implicitly, it has changed drastically throughout history, appearing akin to the general collective unconscious perception of a "weapon." It is believed to be the origin of myths such as Mjolnir or the Sword in the Stone.


The known forms the Service Weapon include:

  • Grip: a standard sidearm form, similar to a revolver. It has high accuracy and single-shot damage.
  • Shatter: a form similar to a shotgun, with a wide blast radius but shorter range.
  • Spin: a rapid-fire form with lower accuracy but a higher rate of fire, good for medium-range combat.
  • Pierce: a highly powerful single-shot form that can destroy the environment of the Oldest House, allowing for it to damage enemies behind cover.
  • Charge: a form that charges up shots, with the greater charge resulting in greater damage.
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