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The projected image from each slide is a physical portal to another dimension. Only one slide remains - Dylan's sister burned the rest in Ordinary before we could intercept.

Casper Darling, Multimedia: Slidescape-36

The Slide Projector (OOP15-UE) is an Object of Power contained by the Federal Bureau of Control in the Oldest House.



The Slide Projector is capable of projecting slides which act as doorways to other dimensions. Entities from these locations are capable of using the doorways to enter ordinary reality. Presumably, the slides are difficult to close, as both Jesse and Dylan Faden were unable to deactivate the Slide Projector without external aid. The Slide Projector's effect also only appears to work on the slides it was originally discovered with.[1]

Following its acquisition by the Bureau, the Slide Projector became the focal point of the Bureau's Dimensional Research department, and through it, the discovery of Hedron. As a long-term consequence of these events, the Slide Projector became the central item behind the Hiss invasion of October 29, 2019.

Containment Procedure

The containment procedures for this item are redacted in its documentation. However, it is known that up until the Hiss invasion of the Oldest House, the Slide Projector was held in the Dimensional Research wing of the Research Sector for testing purposes.



The Slide Projector was originally located in a landfill in the town of Ordinary. It was discovered by siblings Jesse and Dylan Faden, who activated it and inadvertently allowed paranatural entities to enter their reality. The events that followed are ambiguous, but had tragic results for Jesse, Dylan, and Ordinary, causing the entire adult population of the town to disappear. Eventually, an apparently benevolent entity emerged from the slides who aided Jesse and Dylan in closing the slides, preventing the "bad things" from continuing their attack. Afterwards, Jesse burned all the slides but the one from which Polaris came from. Following these events, the Federal Bureau of Control intervened, containing the Slide Projector and detaining Dylan, while Jesse fled. The Bureau discovered seven slides at the scene - six burnt, and the seventh one being the one which led to Polaris' world.[2] However, interviews with the Faden siblings led to conflicting information about more slides potentially existing. In response, Dr. Casper Darling ordered for the town's entire dump site to be moved into the Oldest House to search for extra slides, leading to the creation of the Ordinary Dump in the Containment Sector.[3] The Bureau subsequently engaged in a full cover-up of these events, claiming the disappearances to be the result of an "industrial accident."[4][5]

Darling's suspicions of extra slides were not baseless. Director Zachariah Trench, who was at the scene, picked up an eighth burnt slide but did not tell anyone of his discovery.[6][7]

Hedron and the Hiss

After it was brought to the Oldest House, the Bureau used the Slide Projector to launch multiple expeditions into Slidescape-36, from the only slide Jesse did not burn, under Director Trench and Dr. Darling. Eventually, the Bureau made a significant discovery: the existence of Hedron, a paranatural entity like none other the Bureau had ever encountered before. Darling, recognizing the potential of this discovery, placed Hedron and the Slide Projector into the hands of an all-new research division, Dimensional Research, kept completely isolated and classified from the rest of the Bureau. On these same expeditions, Trench reported encountering a different source of resonance which made his ears bleed, but Bureau investigations and medical tests could not find any evidence of this.[8][9]

Almost obsessively, Darling pursued research into Hedron, Hedron resonance, and the Slide Projector, becoming convinced that the Bureau would be invaded by a hostile resonance which Hedron had previously blocked in Slidescape-36, and began distributing Hedron Resonance Amplifiers to boost Hedron's influence and protect Bureau staff from the hostile resonance.[10] This resonance was the one which Trench had been exposed to, and Trench in turn saw Hedron as the invader and sought to expose the Bureau to the other resonance - The Hiss - in order to, in his eyes, save the Bureau.

On October 29, 2019, Trench removed the Slide Projector from its containment inside Dimensional Research and brought it to the Nostalgia Department in the Executive Sector. He then used his secret burned slide on the Slide Projector to open a portal, allowing the Hiss to enter the Oldest House and beginning the Hiss invasion.[6]

Events of Control

Following My Brother's Keeper, Jesse Faden reunites with her brother Dylan and learns from him that the Slide Projector is the source of the Hiss invasion. From that point on, Jesse begins to search for the Slide Projector throughout the Oldest House, ultimately reaching Dimensional Research and finding Hedron, but not the Slide Projector. After overcoming the Hiss' destruction of Hedron and becoming the new source of Hedron resonance, Jesse learns of the Slide Projector's actual location in the Nostalgia Department and rushes to cleanse it. Jesse is ultimately able to reach Dylan and cleanse him of the Hiss, closing the Slide Projector in the process. This ends the Hiss invasion, but does not remove the traces of the Hiss which have already entered the Oldest House. The last scene with the Slide Projector shows it somewhere in the Nostalgia Department as the Hiss portal closes.

List of known slides

Designation Description
"House" An empty, unoccupied house with dirty wallpaper and many dolls on a shelf. Used by Jesse and Dylan as a secret playhouse.[11]
"Meadow" An empty lot with weeds, a shack, and a phoneline. Was described to smell like flowers, and staying there caused vivid dreams where everything was melting. Travelling to this slide caused everything around the Projector to melt. Neil was possibly transformed into "Dog Neil" here.[12]
"Temple" A dark concrete structure similar to a warehouse or bomb shelter. This is the location of the "Not-Mother" and her "offspring". Tom and his gang -Jesse and Dylan's bullies- were fed "milk" from the Not-Mother and transformed into "Dung Monkeys"[13]
A large region of red sand bearing deep wave marks, with five tall pillars in the distance. The slide which Polaris came from and the only slide which Jesse did not burn.[1][8]
Unnamed Director Zachariah Trench used an eighth burnt slide to release the Hiss into the Oldest House, starting the Hiss invasion.[6][7]


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