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The Slide Projector is an Object of Power originally located in the town of Ordinary.


The Slide Projector is capable of projecting slides which act as doorways to other dimensions. Entities from these locations are capable of using the doorways to enter ordinary reality. Presumably, the slides are difficult to close, as both Jesse and Dylan Faden were unable to deactivate the Slide Projector without external aid.


The Slide Projector was originally located in a landfill in the town of Ordinary. It was discovered by siblings Jesse and Dylan Faden, who activated it and inadvertently allowed entities to enter their reality. The events that followed are ambiguous, but had tragic results for Jesse, Dylan, and Ordinary. Eventually, an apparently benevolent entity emerged from the slides who aided Jesse and Dylan in closing the slides, preventing the "bad things" from continuing their attack. Following these events, the Federal Bureau of Control intervened, kidnapping Dylan and containing the Slide Projector as Jesse fled. The Bureau subsequently engaged in a full cover-up of these events.

List of known slides[]

  • Slide-01 "House"
  • Slide-02 "Meadow"
    • Mentioned in collectible Research & Records: Ordinary AWE Stage 1.B
    • An empty lot with weeds, a shack, and a phoneline. Was described to smell like flowers, and staying there caused vivid dreams where everything was melting. Travelling to this slide caused everything around the Projector to melt. Neil was possibly transformed into "Dog Neil" here.
  • Slide-?? "Temple"
    • Mentioned in collectible Research & Records: Ordinary AWE Stage 2
    • A dark concrete structure similar to a warehouse or bomb shelter. This is the location of the "Not-Mother" and her "offspring". Tom and his gang -Jesse and Dylan's bullies- were fed "milk" from the Not-Mother and transformed into "Dung Monkeys"
  • Slide-36 "Hand"
    • Home of "Polaris"
  • Burned Slide
    • Possibly the home of the Hiss.

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